Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Geek Girls Unite by Leslie Simon♡

(Pretty sure I've typed the word 'geek' 100+ times. You have been warned...)
If you're wondering, no this is not a book about a geeky girl who meets and equally geeky counterpart and their romance. No. (But it can help you find/ land one!!) This is a "hardcore" book dedicated to all the she-geeks of all creeds of geek. Reading about the geek community has really opened my eyes to what a vast and thriving community it is. The book comprised into seven chapters of the different kinds of geeks (fangirl, literary, film, music, funny-girl, domestic goddess, tech, fashion, politics, retro, athletic). I will give a brief explanation of what you can expect: Each chapter starts of with a little quiz to see if you can really call yourself whatever geek you're reading about. If you fail the quiz, Leslie Simon really calls you out on it comparing you to people like Heidi Montag, Lauren Conrad, Megan Fox, etc. It's pretty sad, but extremely hilarious. A character sketch and brief history on the certain geek is given. It's especially interesting to read if you consider yourself the geek mentioned. After, geek goddesses which basically talks about the most influential she-geeks in their respected area of expertise. Frenemies of the craft are described and highly recommended to be avoided. In contrast, a little section called 'Geek love' tells of the kind of he-geek that would best suit the she-geek. It's pretty adorable. Along the margins are quotes and foot notes relevant to the topic at hand. Recommended activities, books, movies, music, authors, and websites are mentioned to finish the chapter off.

I would probably identify myself as a fangirl geek. It's a  pretty simple concept, but for all those who are totally lost (OPEN URBAN DICTIONARY DOT COM YOU DWEEB), here's a little information: These are the girls that never really grew out of their Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, Star Wars, Star Trek, Hello Kitty, Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games, WoW, anime, super heroes, etc. "phase", but let the love of the craft evolve as they matured. Sure some fan-people didn't know they were fan-people until later in life, but generally, the love stems from childhood. There are those that go to Comic-Con every year, those that read the blogs of Bonnie Burton, Tavi Gevinson (she's not much of a fangirl, but I love her), etc. religiously, those that make shrines, those that do all mentioned. If you think you're a fangirl geek and you confuse Star Trek with Star Wars or vice versa, then please lock yourself in a room, get two TVs and put them right next to each other. Put Star Wars Episode IV on one TV and Wrath of Khan on the other TV and try explaining that to all the Trekkers and Star Wars fans (Star Wars fans don't need a nickname because Star Wars ya feel?). Exactly. Make a note of this: dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow...
All in all, this was an superb book filled with knowledge of kindred geek spirits! It's witty, funny, and scary accurate. And if you're wondering, no this book is NOT sexist nor does it force upon geekism onto it's readers, but I mean if you are going to read this, you should do it because you want to not because you have ulterior intentions... I mean that should be said for everything, but that's a different post for the future... Put your geek to the test with this work of art by Leslie Simon!

Dreamy cartoon... I'm ashamed too

I bet you're tired of reading/ hearing the word geek. Sorry, but you were warned...

Thank you Susan 

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