Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Not worth it

Here's a list of things that aren't worth it:

  • being sad over people that don't care about you
  • being sad over things you can't change
  • judging others for things they can't change
  • hurting yourself
  • not buying that perfect [item] that looks perfect on you AND (most importantly) is affordable
  • buying something that you KNOW is ridiculously overpriced, but you "need it"
  • for all my ladies, boys who choose to play EA sports games than hang out with you 
  • starting fights, especially if you know you can't finish them
  • not telling people how you really feel
  • paying $19.99 + shipping and handling for a Kidz bop CD
  • waiting for someone who fucked you over to change
  • worrying about why someone hasn't texted you back in 3 minutes, chill yo
  • changing yourself/ your morals just to be liked
  • not trying to conqure your fears
  • people that give you mixed signals
  • long lines at Starbucks
  • picking sides 
  • not asking for another round of bread at the fancy restaurant
  • gym memberships
  • worrying about what other people think about you (because baby, you're lovely)
  • obsessing over the lifestyles of others
  • wanting to be a Six Chick
  • listening to other people's nasty remarks about you or someone you know/ care about
  • keeping up with a friend who clearly doesn't ever make the effort in return
  • communicating with your ex past 10 p.m.
  • water bottles, especially if they cost over $1
  • assuming ANYTHING
  • Proactive
  • answering to a bootycall (just trust me on this one)
  • sending nudes 
  • being ashamed for the things you're into
  • being ashamed for being into "mainstream" things, especially if it's singing along to One Direction songs
  • ordering grilled instead of crispy at McDonalds
  • not taking care of yourself/ your health
  • taking education for granted
  • taking people for granted
  • getting in the middle of fights
  • not trying to do anything to help someone in need
  • prying into people's lives
  • watching the new Disney channel shows
  • taking Sharknado seriously
  • taking anything TOO seriously
  • thinking that you don't deserve to be happy because news flash, you do
if you think I missed anything, comment below! 

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