Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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Sorry for being absent for such a long time, I've been "busy".
Busy doing what you may ask
Busy living my fucking life... Just kidding. A couple weeks ago I got a job at my dad's office doing clerical work. I hate it so much, but the pay is good and I don't have to work everyday so it's not that bad. Oh and I was on a spiritual retreat all last week. Rekindling my relationship with God, ya know? It was actually a really nice get away from the world and I feel a lot more at peace with who I am and what I believe in. I can honestly say I am happy with my life despite the occasional days when I want to rip someone's face off.
I also took my permit test on Monday. I missed 11. In other words, I failed. You can best believe I got an earful from my failure intolerant mother. Here's the thing though, I actually don't really care about driving so much.
Remember when I was all like "I want a boyfriend blah blah summer fling blah blah blah" and like "I wish I had someone to share my happiness with blah blah blah"? Ha ya me too. (Oh my glob, in hindsight I sound really fucking pathetic???). Anyways, I can proudly say that I am in like with someone and for the sake of my sake we're just going to call him C? This is probably extremely obvious to those who know me. We've been talking for a couple weeks now and we get along really well. Like I feel really comfortable being myself with him and it just comes so effortlessly? I mean that so fucking sappy and I'm sorry, but I don't really know how else to put it. I'm getting butterflies just thinking about itI'll have to write more about it another time though. 

Oh and since today is Wednesday, here's my little Woman Crush Wednesday: 
Tavi Gevinson

where to find this lovely lady:

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