Sunday, July 14, 2013

10 years

Earlier today I was talking to my dad about college and careers and stuff like that and he told me to imagine what I want my future to look like. It got me wondering. Do you ever wonder where you'll be in 10 years time? Like really wonder about it? Where you'll be living? What kind of things you'll do in your free time? What kind of job will you have? Stuff like that. I like to think I'll live in a nifty little apartment somewhere in San Francisco. I'll spend a lot of time on my terrace that will hopefully have a really nice view. I'll probably have a roommate who I hope isn't allergic to animal fur. I'll have a dog (or two). I'll get my groceries at farmers markets. Maybe I'll be vegan. I'll have a little part time job at the local library. I'll have my own little spot in a local cafe where I can hangout and read books and drink my tea and iced coffees. I'll write and draw and knit. I'll ride my bike a lot. I'll have memberships at all the museums in the area. I'll go to art shows. I'll go to shows for bands that have still yet to be discovered. I'll get a lot of my clothes at thrift stores and bazaars. I'll go on walks a lot. I'll be done with school. I'll either be a psychiatrist or an architect (of sorts). I'll either have really long hair that I probably won't style unless for occasions or a really short edgy haircut. I'll keep in touch with all my high school and college friends. I'll go to church every Sunday and probably try to attend daily mass as much as I can. I'll participate in protests just for the heck of it (the ones that I believe are the most humane and righteous of decision of course). I'll visit my parents often. I'll host parties. I'll be in love with someone. I'll go on dates with them and we'd watch movies together and share all our favorite things with each other. I'll travel often. I'll find a place where I can just let go and be at peace with life and the universe and the earth all together.
These are just the kinds of things I imagine. 

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