Friday, July 19, 2013

Academic anxiety or am I just a whiny hoe?

It's recently dawned on me that I go back to school in less than a month and I still have to start my summer homework. It's not a lot or anything to crazy, but the fact that I haven't started it yet as compared to some of my other friends makes me feel like a failure. I honestly feel like I've failed all my classes and the school year hasn't even started yet. It's ridiculous I know, but I'm scared for this coming school year. I've heard so many horror stories about the classes I signed up for, all the hours I'll spend working for a measly grade that will mean nothing to me 10 years from now. I still have to get my books and school supplies. I have to start getting used to waking up earlier and not sleeping in so much. I have to get back into the groove of things. Why? Because I have a bad habit of procrastinating that I plan on conquering this school year. Holla at yo gurl. And now that I think about it, there is so much anticipation for this school year. I'm going to be a junior which means I'm going to be considered upper class in the high school hierarchy. And on top of that, I'm going to be the junior class president. And on top of that I'm thinking about doing water polo again this year. And also the musical and maybe even comedy sports (?????) Okay and I'm not saying anything between C and I are going to get serious (tbh there is definitely potential for something to happen between us, but that's for a different post...), but if things do get serious that will play a giant role in the course of this school year. SKdjngaierngajkfrnkanfrsaDGNARKJGNa You know what, I actually feel a lot better letting all of this out right now. I know I just have to be on my A (Or should I say L) Game this year. I can do it. This is going to be an interesting year to say the least...

And here's my little uneducated spiel with the school system here in America:
I just think it's fucking ridiculous that we as students have to memorize tons of information to pass a class that will probably be of no use for the job we're going to have when we're older.
But what do I know.

Pretty sure I'm just a whiny hoe

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